About Our Organization

Hidden Choices, Inc.™ was birthed out of a passion to help widows and orphans. In 1999, realizing that the 21st century widow and orphan also included young, single mothers, the fatherless and children caught in the horrific crossfire of human trafficking, Rivers Hatchett-Teske made the decision to leave corporate America and make a difference in the lives of those without a voice. Today, Hidden Choices is making a difference and we salute those that are in the trenches, caring and supporting teen mothers, adoptive families and rescued children. Our website provides valuable information and resources that are timely and beneficial.

About Our Three Programs

1. Maternity Homes Are Our Business

Currently, there are over 500 maternity homes that are filled to capacity. Housing needs are the single most critical problem facing the crisis pregnancy centers. "We can save the mother from aborting" they share, but there is "no room in the inn"for these mothers who wish to carry their children to birth, and parent or find adoptive and loving families to place them in. A typical maternity residence houses from 2 - 6 women. Statistics also show the after-care program of at least 1 year strengthens the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of the teen or single mother who has chosen to parent or place their baby for adoption. See our convenient North American locator map to find a home near you!

2. The Maternity Homes Association (MHA)

After several years of locating maternity homes and interviewing Directors and staff, Hidden Choices started a new endeavor - developing an Association that would connect Physicians, Nurses, School and Family Counselors, Social Workers, Clergy and Community organizations with homes in each area and also a network of Home to Home Connect. Memberships are available to anyone who is passionate about saving 2 lives - No Mother Or Child Left Behind. Funds are used to help struggling maternity homes with specific project needs (building, healthcare, education, food and shelter) and funding providers in underserved areas wishing to open a home. Professional services offered on a consulting and need based business paradigm include strategic education, business planning for group housing, staff development, insurance and legal aid, adoption, fundraising and more. The benefits of membership in MHA help support these networks and build for our bright future. Please join today!


I C A Home has been founded to help and support vetted organizations in North America, Africa, China, Eastern Europe, India, Central and South America, who are rescuing children from the heinous and barbaric slave trade of human trafficking. These children range in age from birth to 18 years old. They have been abducted or sold into the trade by families for the sickening cost of $30.00 or less. Abduction can take place on a street corner or enticement of jobs across the border. Whatever the case, it is WRONG, it is ILLEGAL and IMMORAL.

10th November 2011


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